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Thread: Bremont - Direct from Baselworld - Report 3: STRAPS!

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    Bremont - Direct from Baselworld - Report 3: STRAPS!

    I guess this will be quite an exciting post for you - It's a look at some new straps from Bremont. Also with the introduction os the 37mm SOLO some of these are 20mm, but the majority are 22mm to fit all existing models. I guess that some of these may never be produced and are just prototypes but a nice insight.

    Also, with the photos - they don't fully do justice to the straps - many are similar in colour tones to the existing range however the leather has much more character - / texture etc. There's also some more dressy ones included as well!

    We start with a big Bremont branded strap box..

    the box is opened!

    A lighter brown coloured vintage strap

    ** I can confirm BLACK vintage will be on the way ! **

    A suede styled brown strap

    Almost 'orange' toned (Think MBII) leather strap with matching stitching - very nice!

    Black with black stitch

    A glossy leather with texture

    Dark grey textured leather

    The next lot are really nice - they are similar in style to the military canvas but are more traditional in terms of fit

    White stitch

    Green stitch

    Orange stitch

    20mm brown suede style (as seen on the Rose Gold 37 SOLO)

    A lovely textured dark blue (I want one of these!) picture doesn't do it justice

    20mm dark green

    and finally a variety of cream / white styled 20mm straps...phew!

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    Firstly congrats on all the reports wish i was there. Cant wait until black vintage comes out might have to be my next purchase, can you ask if you get chance it they plan on releasing the black Croc strap as featured on the new Victory.

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    I noticed all the straps have straight lug ends! Are these just samples or is Bremont moving away from the curved lug end that I love!! Cheers Jim
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    Gotta agree with Cap, curved lugs are a must especially with the MBII's barrel ripping straight end straps to shreds

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    I think it's because a lot of these are just prototypes - I'm sure they will have curved ends when they go into production.

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    I'm really stoked about the black vintage, especially if the brown vintage is getting lighter in color. Any idea when they will be available? I noticed a lot of the straps have longer shaped holes now too. Are they modifying the tang buckle at all for that?

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    I think they are going to be offering:

    - dark brown vintage (as they already have)
    - light brown vintage
    - Black vintage

    I would assume some kind of order will be made in Spring for the straps they want to produce - but yes Black vintage sounds incredible cool!

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    Really liking the textured straps, and the new vintage options, but the military canvas ones look cheap IMHO.

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    Really nice assortment!

    @bydandie: What would make them look less-cheap? I've kinda had the same worries with my own work at times. Is it the stitching, the detailing, what do ya reckon?

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    ecurie ecosse Straps??

    Are these blue straps going to end up with on the Polar Explorer ? Hope so!!

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